Sarcasm Detection

Sarcasm is one of the oldest and by far the wittiest of tools used by linguists all around the world. Identify sarcastic comments and text using our Sarcasm Detection API.

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Sarcasm Detection


Sarcasm Detection


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Why our Sarcasm Detection API ?


Komprehend Sarcasm Detection API maintains high accuracy in the real world, and is robust against tricky sentences with contradictory sarcasm like - “I like long walks (positive), especially when they are taken by people who annoy me (negative)”.


Processes and return results in extremely short time, meeting demands from various industries.


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance.

How Our Sarcasm Detection API Works?

Sarcasm Detection API accurately identifies presence of sarcasm in the text content incorporated from sources like Blogs, Articles, forums, consumer reviews, surveys, twitter etc. Sarcasm Detection can be widely applied to analyze reviews and social media for a variety of applications, ranging from marketing to customer service and even the entertainment industry.
This problem can be solved by designing an algorithm capable of identifying the idiosyncrasies of a sarcastic comment.

use cases

Analyzing movie or serial transcripts

Movies and serials use irony or sarcasm very heavily to generate comical moments. The transcripts from such serials or movies can be analyzed for the number of sarcastic moments.

Analyzing political speeches

Good political orators often use sarcasm as a weapon to verbally attack their opposition. The speech script by such politicians can be analyzed to identify sarcasm.

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